The United States and Japan Express: more safety

with the e-commerce market in China has grown, online shopping has become an integral part of the daily lives of many people. Online shopping is growing at the same time, the express industry has mushroomed quickly emerged, people may be found in the streets every day express pass with the pedal all kinds of electric vehicles. Development of the express industry facilitates the life of people, but also brought a series of issues such as posting and lax security, shoujian. Last year's "deadly delivery" event also sounded the alarm. United States, and Japan and other developed countries has accumulated considerable experience in the express market supervision, for reference.

United States: Government regulation and industry association

United States market through long-term development has become a very mature market, through Government and industry to work closely together, the joint exercise of supervisory duties, becoming United States industry safety and health performance of a feature, the express industry in China should really learn from experience.

government strong regulatory violations enterprise will by heavy penalties

Shang century 70 generation, United States express market appeared has big development, currently United States express industry development has very mature, market is completely free open of, not exists enterprise access threshold, enterprise can free into or exit this market, consumers according to enterprise provides of service type and quality for filter, but Government for industry of security regulatory still very strictly.

United States Government regulators not based specifically on the express industry and its regulatory duties are scattered in various functions of the Department, supervision is mainly through the development of laws and regulations on supervision of the areas involved in the industry to ensure fair competition in the market dynamic, orderly and healthy development and security.

involving regulators in the industry include: United States transportation security administration, express parcels is mainly responsible for security issues; United States Bureau of customs and border protection and the United States Department of Commerce, mainly to ensure that the import and export of goods in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and to identify potential security risks.

United States Transportation Security Administration to "9·11" set up after the terrorist attacks, strengthening the safety supervision of courier goods become the focus of Government express market. Then United States enact laws requiring all courier companies to provide air transport services must be registered with the transportation security administration, enterprise staff to accept history background investigation. In 2006, the transport authority the United States conducted a massive air cargo rules changes will be more than more than 4,000 express company was registered in the information networking, and employment history background checks over more than 100,000 employees.

from August 1, 2010, the United States using air transport to the cargo must be accepted electronically scanned, the authority confirmed cargo screening process was developed, ensure that all courier companies to provide air transport services in prescan before arriving at the airport. United States industry is one of three major associations of the United States Bulan·fulide, head of the air transport association, told reporters that transportation security administration in the United States currently has more than 500 more inspectors, to express whether companies comply with related laws and regulations, strictly in accordance with the approved security procedures normalized implementation regulation.

fried said, if authority found express company violation security field related legal regulations, it will expand survey, if found just small wrong, authority will and the company a corrected the errors, makes company of operation meet security standard; if found serious violations, authority will on the company and the involved responsibility people implementation civil or criminal punishment, as fine, ban the company in United States territory engaged in involved air transport of express service, related responsibility people may was fine and was sentenced,.

United States courier firms have recently been severely punish cases of violation of security laws and regulations, in 2010, is punishment is a company with headquarters in New York express company called h o l. According to United States Department of Justice ruling the disclosure of February 8, 2012, the transportation security administration found the company until December 2010 in accordance with the established by the authority that certified cargo screening process scans all air transport of goods, for which the company was fined $ 1 million. These 3 people each faces up to 5 years ' imprisonment and a fine of $ 250,000.

strong cooperation to build bridges and enterprise of the Government of the Association

in the United States, the express industry associations are very important for civil society organizations, essential for the norms and the promotion of safe and healthy development of the market. Members do not participate in the Association business, the Association's primary role is to serve as a bridge between business and Government to help formulate relevant laws and regulations and ensure that policies are put in place, while the demands of the enterprise feedback to legislative bodies and Government departments.

due to United States express Enterprise many, industry association also many, maximum of three a Association respectively is: United States express Association, established Yu 2008, for United States maximum express Association, has 4 a members, respectively is u PS,FedE x and d h L,T n t of United States Branch; United States express and the Logistics Association, main service United States high-end Express Enterprise; United States Aviation Transport Association, main service engaged in aviation freight of express enterprise. Held regular Association activities, communicate, discuss and promote industry development and security regulatory issues of common concern.

United States express Association head Michael Mullen told reporter, Association main play 3 a aspects of role, a assist Government and Enterprise achieved by needed of security checks, ensure Express items security; II for enterprise service, strengthening and Government the sector coordination, in guarantee security of premise Xia, makes enterprise of express service more smooth; three promoted various free trade agreement of reached, promote express industry of fast development.