The international express market is giant world

the rapid rise in cross-border e-commerce international express business portrayed as treasures of the express industry to be developed. DHL Express Chief Executive, forest economy, international express delivery business for domestic express companies with very high barriers to entry, remains the main strategic directions of the international express delivery Giants including DHL.


international express operations usher in the golden period of development. In the Bush economy, Express is a excited for the future period.

forest economy, what we are talking about the B2C business is very good for business. They may want to sell any merchandise through online sales, which will provide international express courier company brings a lot of orders.

forest economy pointed out that, for purposes of DHL, regardless of order size can do. Even very small less-than-truckload, as long as there is international courier service provider, these businesses can achieve the door-to-door delivery of goods, for these businesses to create a potential market space.

statistical data show that the growth of cross-border e-commerce is above 30%. 20duowanjia small businesses in a variety of Internet platforms to do business in China, and annual turnover of more than US $ 250 billion. China and the United States as the world's centre of cross-border e-commerce, international express delivery business has become the cross-border e-commerce business development one of the key factors.

high barriers to entry in

international express services for courier companies is undoubtedly a huge cake, but it's not easy to get. Forest economy, said domestic express companies want great play in the international express market, there must be a high degree of difficulty.

in its view, wants international express business in other parts of the world, take a long time to accumulate. Express delivery companies need to have some of the local history and know the local market, market policy, and must have a very good local management personnel, as well as a high level of investment to build infrastructure.

as a global logistics giant DHL businesses in international express, air freight, ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to provide customers with professional service, DHL's service network all over the world in more than 220 countries and regions. According to forest economy introduction, DHL Global network reach 700 million euros per year.

from the international express business, it is more of a niche market. Many local enterprises in China with a large number of local order, but its international business is not to 1%. Forest economy, said international express business has a very complicated Bill, including customs clearance the customs clearance process, the whole difficulty is very high.

forest economy also points out that 15-20 years ago, the world's second largest economy Japan has produced many well-known local courier companies, but until now, these enterprises still failed to fully carry out the international express business.