Some courier companies ahead of holiday

the Spring Festival is coming, for the procurement of new year, members of the public express business is more and more frequently used. A lot of online shopping Spring Festival as well as mail items to the city's largest express network's staff is very busy. 21st, reporters from the city several express company informed that orders, parts Express, I will stop before the Spring Festival, there are people in need sent in advance for express business.

"companies as of the 23 or so wouldn't pick up the pieces. Because employees want to have a holiday, it is recommended that before sending people in need of the best 15 out, this does not delay the other Inbox. "21st-pass express baotou Branch staff told reporters, entering la, company is new year, in order that the public can not delay time of receipt for the new year, they will be slightly ahead of the deadline. Subsequently, contacted Sto express baotou branch office staff, the other side says, Sto is closing date to be later, in particular pieces of mail to the Beijing area, will not drop until around 26. But if mailed too late, the other party does not guarantee timeliness of receipt.

it is understood that although some express during the Chinese new year holiday to stop, but Shun Feng Suyun and two express company during the Chinese new year, EMS do not rest, as usual.

"you can send and receive normal during the Spring Festival, but during the first six, sent every single charge 10 Yuan to the Chinese service. "Shun Feng Suyun staff said, SF transportation during Chinese new year in Taiwan staff members on duty 24 hours, does not affect members of the public sent and Inbox, delivery time will be fine-tuning. The EMS Customer Service staff said, currently there are no holidays and additional costs of notification has been received, the public correctly sent during the Spring Festival.

"in accordance with established practice, during the Spring Festival traffic will decrease, if workers do not have a holiday cost will be very high. For those of us who express outlets, holiday also for operating costs. "I dot, a courier company official Wang told reporters.

Mr Wang, at present, in addition to the SF, EMS is a direct approach, but most of the express company is the joining form. "Joining" means the express corporate headquarters and most of the regional network there is no direct relationship between capital, therefore also cannot require its various outlets of unified collection and delivery service during the Spring Festival. All outlets for their own costs, most holidays.

in an interview, many courier companies have expressed, provinces and Range Rover parts and delivery time will vary. Such as visiting the Fujian area aviation, the oldest probably about 23 just doesn't make sense. Therefore, early action will affect neither the post, will not affect the recipient's Inbox.