Shun Feng express became the leader in air cargo

at the beginning of express industry in China, is the main land transport, air transport is a luxury. After more than 10 years of development, as represented by the Shun Feng express courier companies are accelerating their own airlift capacity. Shun Feng Express now has dozens of its own transport, accounted for one-third of the total national transport. Shun Feng express today, has become absolutely strong in the field of air transport.

SF size of less than five years to make air transportation became the leader in air cargo business, coupled with its advantages of the network layout, flow and level IT in operation, transport speed and security to become the most competitive factors. "One domestic private express delivery companies, executives said in an interview with this reporter," but as the EMS begins closer to the market changes and the pursuit of private express delivery companies are also beginning to layout of air cargo, advantage is also challenged, so how to to consolidate their position and power to find sustainable development becomes SF next must face the problem. "

Shun Feng express in addition to its own cargo aircraft in addition to every day through the belly band 3850 tons of cargo. For courier companies, similar to the "double 11" such a surge in the volume of explosive demands will pressures on the current logistics system several times, which is also before such activities often exceeds that of domestic express company in the processing capabilities of "blowing up" the main reason.

currently, express company in mainstream network Shang of distribution speed depends on express company by can deployment capacity of scale, scale more big cost also on more high, while also requirements Express Enterprise in process and management capacity Shang has enough of capacity play capacity of maximum efficiency, but good of customer experience behind is more high of cost, this is Shun Feng in price Shang relative Yu domestic other express company has been partial high of main reasons.

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