Purchasing distressed: international express insurance how to insure?

a few years ago, the "purchasing" is a strange word to many people, but now, down to the lipstick, powdered milk, paper towels, baby carriages, vacuum cleaners, suitcases, residents have flooded into every aspect of life.

purchase not only a wide range of ways to promote the times. Wang told securities daily reporter in Beijing complained that friends didn't know how to shield micro-circle, opened at a time is the purchasing information of friends and fellow students crowding the screen. In addition, she has also recently found that Twitter published a picture of the perfume has many people who do purchase in the comments below.

Purchasing speed eye-popping development, however, behind this rapid development, risks associated with it.

Taobao and United States classmates opening purchase shop small South recent upset, she lost a a few days ago, in the United States sent to domestic parcels, goods valued at around $ 2000. She told reporters that the parcel is a famous brand of handbags, buy courier insurance, but insurance only pay 150 dollars.

South said she bought the insurance. She was purchased by the international insurance, if the goods are lost by insured amount to the compensation up to a maximum $ 2000. Messages that were not insured in case of loss, damage or shortage, according to the actual damage, postage paid by not more than twice, which is less than $ 50.

because when you send parcels, the common store of United States students declare the insured amount is only $ 150, while the maximum payment limit reaches $ 2000, but because the value of its offer is too low, the insurance company only $ 150 to pay.

$ 2000 worth of packages, why she had only $ 150?

the reporter, international express, general insurance premiums are between 2%-3%-declared prices, according to 3% calculations, $ 2000 and $ 150 for premium difference of about US $ 55.5, so low-price quote also seems quite reasonable.

the real reason, however, is not the case. Xiao Nan told reporters, generally written on the package prices for insurance paid the price, but also the package entry clearance prices. If a package price to write too high, when immigration customs checks to pay taxes will likely increase, overseas residents because postage is expensive, however, is usually the value is high enough will choose to purchase the product. Therefore, purchasing parcels above crowd will generally be much lower than the actual value of the insured amount written.

because of this, lost items when purchasing, the losses are huge. With Xiao Nan $ 2000 package for example, due to its price of $ 150, and pay only for the actual value of 7.5%.

in addition, the Jingyi engaged in purchasing two years told reporters that based on her experience, $ 200 this is the "tolerance" of CAP for branded handbags, therefore, generally will be insured for prices between $ 100 to $ 200 and brand wallet declarations typically cost less than $ 100. But the price is usually lower than the actual value of the goods, if goods are lost, ultimately paid the price less than the real value of the 10% is common.