Get express delivery before and after the Spring Festival in SF and EMS best

from the Chinese new year less than a month's time, students preparing a mailing bag I went back, some migrant workers have begun preparing to field's friends and family to send new year. So these days, express the number of shipments received have also increased.

However, the courier is going to leave, plus Spring Festival shopping boom of, little here to remind you: express or the Internet to buy new year as early as possible, try to avoid the peak Express. Otherwise, your delivery is likely to take years to receive.

new year post usher in peak

Express comparable dual 12

at present, the development zone, the express industry has entered the last one before the Spring Festival peak, some express courier delivery every day than in the "double 12" when the number of.

yesterday afternoon, Zheng Jie, an express network of workstations, has filled a variety of large and small boxes, and couriers rushed off their feet. At that time, was one of Liu sent express carrying large bags. She said these things are sent as far away as Beijing's daughter. "My daughter in Beijing University this winter she was going to stay there to work, Spring Festival is not home, so I post some new year for her. "Liu said, there are express, not specifically a trip Beijing, saving much more convenient.

other shipping companies in the zone, are also busy. Such as the daily express horse master, from last December, accepted or posted more than more than 200 courier every day. The workload is more than three times his normal time period, even more than his "double 12" during delivery. Ma said, according to the situation in previous years, the peak is expected to end around the beginning of February this year. "Finish can go home this Chinese new year. "The

new year send express

selected EMS or SF best

experienced a double 11 and 12 pair of overworked, courier want to go home early, to take a long vacation. So, many courier companies have chosen to enter a rested State in early February, delivery, orders will be reduced accordingly.

shentong express under the branches, Wu said, the company will not be closed during the Spring Festival, when there is a corresponding duty. But courier has to go home, so in early February orders receiving and distribution compared to the usual delays may occur. "For example, at the time of pickup, courier companies under normal conditions can be received a phone call two hours after the pick-up, during the Chinese new year is not guaranteed. "

yuantong Express, although some express holiday, but express will be delivered on time. A courier master Wu said: "the time students leave, Taobao is less. Delivery will also be significantly reduced, but still keep the original transport speed. "

EMS obliging both companies, made clear that in the normal inbox delivery during the Spring Festival. So, if you need to dispatch during the Spring Festival, also was selected the two most reliable courier company.