Foreign "everyone express": Uber launched an on-demand delivery business

Uber tomorrow in Manhattan with our on-demand delivery services, courier rode pickup, delivery to the user, you can request on the phone App, courier will come to collect in a very short time, and then distributed to the designated place, the current estimate is dominated by City Express. Uber experimented with a similar on-demand delivery before Christmas services.

while riding a bicycle courier in salary between $ 20-30, Uber free to them with an iPhone 4S and let them order. This business called Uber UberRUSH.

If you like riding a bike, you can earn extra money, but Uber require couriers to be 21 years of age, able to ride a bike, they also conduct background investigations.

Express service available upon request there are many players in this market, such as WunWun, Postmates, eBay Now, etc. Coincidence that Uber competitor Gett today announced cooperation with an express WunWun startups in New York has launched a similar business.