FedEx International Service Saturday in China

FedEx recently announced that further enhance the company's international economy express service and international economy express cargo services in China to use the above services provide customers with Saturday pick-up service. This service enhances customer flexibility in handling export shipments, thereby helping them improve market competitiveness.

international economy express service and international economic express cargo services is to provide customs-cleared, door-to-door service during limited hours for non-urgent shipments offers a more economical choice. The latest services apply to currently include the United States, the European Union and Asia all international economy express service routes,.

currently, FedEx international economy Express for many countries and regions of the world service and the international economy express cargo services. Since its launch in China in 2009, these two types of services, the company has been committed to provide customers with flexible service options to help customers to be more efficient, economical way to connect the world. International economy express service and the main features of international economy express cargo services include: one is a certain price advantage; the second is usually completed within 2 to 5 working days delivery; the third is through the Federal Express Web site and e-mail notification, providing 24-hour shipment status tracking; four were customs-cleared five is on time delivery guarantee.

elevated international economy express service and international economy express cargo services are supplementary to the international service portfolio. International services also include specially designed for more emergency shipments of international priority express service, international priority express cargo services, international priority service and distribute express international priority service.