FedEx help Longines global equestrian Championships

a few days ago, "Shanghai Longines 2014 World Equestrian Championships" held 60 top horses were MD-11 by FedEx cargo aircraft in two batches arrived in Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

as a world class equestrian events sponsors, FedEx is responsible for transporting horses between Belgium and China. After the end of the event, FedEx will transport the horses returned to Belgium.

FedEx long event and the organizers and other parties to work together to ensure that horses have a safe and comfortable journey. Aircraft equipped with a professional air conditioning facilities, the cabin temperature to maintain horses the most suitable 15-25 degrees Celsius. Horses are accommodated in special stables, stables for 2 horses, giving it ample space and comfortable flight experience. Aircraft is also equipped with hay and drinking water to facilitate horse eating on the go. On each flight accompanied by horsemen and veterinarians, full taking care of horses and to monitor their situation closely.

in the safe transportation of special precious cargo, Federal Express has a long history. In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, FedEx has for the United States and Canada riding horses between Australia's transport services.

since 2000, FedEx uses its vast transportation network, successfully move the pandas, provides support for protecting this endangered rare species.