FedEx dimensional weight pricing mode or in full swing

FedEx ground package company recently said, in order to improve the return on investment, turnover, and profits, the company plans to expand the cargo weight.

new pricing will affect FedEx ground package company 30% of small cargo transport operations, low density cargo transportation prices will increase by about 33%.

currently, FedEx ground package prices of the company's new only size is 3 cubic feet (85 liters) or larger goods. After January 1, 2015, will be extended to all businesses. The new standards will be consistent with the express business standards. No reason for price changes, revealed the plan in connection with group-wide profit improvement program.

FedEx ground package company, increase return on investment is an important part of Group profit improvement program, hope had a positive impact on revenues and profits.

the Wall Street Journal said, the new standard size weight can significantly improve transport prices. Transport, for example, lightweight goods such as toaster prices could increase by about 35%, transporting plastic children's toy grow 13%, plastic food boxes 30%, toilet paper 37%, 6% men's growth.

FedEx said the price changes would depend on factors such as economic conditions, market conditions and services.