FedEx: airline tracking aircraft in the future will make it easier to

according to today's United States reported Malaysia Airlines plane crash search continues, FedEx CEO Frederick Smith (Frederick Smith) on April 10, the airlines will take prompt action to better tracking of aircraft over the ocean navigation.

a carrying 239 people Boeing 777 aircraft that disappeared, to members of the public find it unacceptable. This incident reflects the uncertainty of the aircraft during the flight, aviation experts and visitors a lot of frustration. Since its March 8 Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared, more than 20 States have spent a few weeks searching, recent surveys from India signals deep in the ocean.

Smith told the international aviation club said that most airlines in-flight maintenance and navigation devices can be used to better track the aircraft. They will help to reduce the spacing between the aircraft, making flights more efficient and energy-saving operation.

represents 270 airlines worldwide, the international air transport association recently set up a working group before the end of this year, recommendations on how to better track the aircraft. The International Civil Aviation Organization held a special meeting on May 12, 13 experts were invited to discuss how to carry out the aircraft tracking.

Smith said, the industry is what makes the aircraft tracking so difficult to understand, Malaysia Airlines has also prompted the industry to find a solution as soon as possible, but the public may not know about it is difficult. In fact, for most aircraft, two devices can identify locations of aircraft. One of the aircraft communication addressing and reporting system (ACARS), it and the plane manufacturers or airlines repeatedly sent information system maintenance-related problems. Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 took off in less than an hour after, ACARS system stops, can be shut down by the pilot, or it may be destroyed in the fire led to the closures.

another device is known as automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ads-b), which uses satellite precise aircraft location information is sent to airlines and air traffic controllers. Transponders (one of the most basic forms of Locators) in MH370 the reason for stopping work on the same is because the pilots shut down or destroyed.

Smith said ACARS and ads-b could be improved, enabling the pilot to close them greatly increases the difficulty. This way, the airlines can better monitor the two systems, to better track the flights flying over the ocean.