Federal Express line of dividend 33% per share to 20 cents

Federal Express announced on Monday, raising the quarterly dividend amount per share of 5 cents to 20 cents a share, higher dividends--it was the fifth consecutive year Federal Express over the past four years annually increased dividend amount by 1 cent.

FedEx said the payout line after 33%, company dividends the next year spending will increase by approximately $ 59.2 million to us $ 236.4 million. Per share based on Friday's closing price of US $ 143.65, FedEx's dividend yield will be increased from 0.42% to 0.56%.

FedEx new dividend on July 3, to the shareholders registered as of June 19. Later this month the company will release fiscal 2014 IV quarter and full year reports market research shows analysts on average expect Federal Express at the end of a fiscal year as of May there will be US $ 45.4 billion in revenue, equivalent to 3% per cent.