Express love with intelligent delivery buyers were mixed

purchase goods over the Internet, consumers often encounter situations that no one receives the shipment. In recent years, community express smart express box appears, within 24 hours the recipient can receive a free, don't worry about express lost. But in a safe, convenient and at the same time, consumers can't help but doubt, express without the recipient's consent directly to the courier, counted as compulsory? express the need to extract, charged 1 Yuan for more than 24 hours day resource fee reasonable?, not when courier out of the box to inspection, Division of product quality responsibility difficult.

reporter Express is installed in the community see, this Express is easy to set up in the community in the underground car park, next to install surveillance cameras, Express features a cast Express, take the express and three buttons. When users take, express mail into delivery within 24 hours, click on the electronic pickup button on the screen, enter the letters and numbers of 6-bit extraction code, doors to open. If you place more than one day, need to pay 1 Yuan a day resource costs need to slot the slot to open the door. In accordance with the express, Express is easy to set the size of different sizes of storage bins.

applauding both privacy and convenience

shopping online without having to fill in the number of receipt, you can have courier express box of intelligent community where a courier. Also can be used to protect personal privacy, prevent courier backlogs loss damage. Especially when no one is receiving at home, express free custody can be made within 24 hours, more than a day, resource fee only charged 1 Yuan a day.

No person can receive at home delivery

Office workers applauded, even if no one at home, and also able to charge storage Express. Xiao Chen, white collar, said he worked in Dalian alone, because the unit does not receive the express, had to be sent home, calling him always express during the day on the unit cannot receive, once there is an express, returned home from work in the evening can just pickup, very convenient, one-to-one SMS messaging, security is still reliable.

don't buy extraction code false charges caused by delayed

lives in ganjingzi district, people like Mr Li online shopping. Last year, his community install express intelligent express box, last week, he bought a few books, a few days after his online order information, found that purchases has been served on the third day of delivery address after payment. Logistics company deliveryman has posted estimates should be courier courier courier bins, but why no receive extracted code?

turns out to be a courier incorrectly enter the recipient's phone number into the system, causing fetch text messages send errors. Courier apologized again sent an extraction code. "I need to take delivery two days of resource costs two Yuan, coin can only be removed after courier, courier Express 2 Yuan to return. "

Mr LEE, courier was never contacted and agreed to use the express in advance. "Like the last message send error, don't know if you don't ask already posted, text message written express the community name, express mail if someone falsely claimed to do?"

unpacking inspection of links cannot be guaranteed

MS public this month also had a trouble, courier express place without her consent in the courier. When Yu found when doors open express smart express boxes, original box sellers use white seal well, obviously useful tool cut marks, then use Scotch tape stuck up, also lost a lot of items in the carton. Seller requires that upon receipt of the shipment inspection out of the box, otherwise the quality problems that cannot be returned. "Express the sides didn't see, how out of the box to inspect goods? who will responsible for valuables if you lose?" Yu says with exasperation.

Post-Courier express work smoother

Courier Sun master told reporters that some couriers are not allowed into the building with security delivery, will express in the express box is the best choice, especially on the need to lift, running up and down the special waste of time and effort. "Learn to run a waste of time, resulting in shipment backlogs, some older communities did not express is easy, but we'll select the area around the collection points, barely into consumers ' doorstep. "Master Sun Express is easy to make their work easy and smooth.

express agreement provides for the consent of the recipient before they can post agreed

yesterday contacted the courier manual customer service, customer service staff to respond, courier Express, in the company enrollment express permission. At present, the courier has indeed received the courier does not contact customers in advance and posted directly to the courier, in this regard, the courier will make adjustments on services, trying to solve the problem. Irregular delivery couriers, courier will consider abolishing its eligibility to use Courier. Consumers don't like to express this way of collecting, you can call the courier service, inform the recipient phone number, log off disabled, would be unable to store the user's express.