Expansion TNT Express plans to invest the European air hub

in order to improve business performance and customer satisfaction, TNT Express has announced expansion plans to invest tens of millions of euros in Belgium the Sun's European air hub airports.

TNT logistics

expansion, sorting capacity is expected to increase 50% of TNT Express, and to better protect the health and safety of 1500 employees. Expansion work will begin during the year, scheduled for completion in 2016.

new aviation hub covers an area of 75000 square meters, throughout the modernization project, the company will give the new hub is equipped with automatic small package and document processing system, cargo screening will also be further centralized investment introduction x-ray equipment will be used exclusively for scanning cargo by land.

expansion of the aviation hub for clients, to further shorten the processing time for export goods and emergency goods, optimize handling of fragile process for TNT Express, can effectively get rid of bottlenecks to further improve operating profits and better meet the challenges of rising volume of business.

Sun air hub at the airport since 1998, TNT Express is a major air hub in Europe, with 40 cargo plane and 125 trucks every night to the delivery, closely connected to the European road network. Hub Transport access to hundreds of European regions by road, by air transport can reach 65 districts, is a useful addition to TNT road transport network.