Amazon: Sunday delivery service will rise to United States XV

Amazon's distribution pilot project started in November last year on Sunday, and added this month in cities including Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Austin, Texas.

Hugo's net from the Dow Jones-owned media "market watch" of May 8, reported that Amazon (Amazon), said Thursday that it deliver the Sunday service will be extended to include Philadelphia, New Orleans, Dallas, United States 15 cities.

it is reported that the United States business websites as well as the United States Post Office, Sunday is generally not distribution packages. If consumers buy goods on Friday, you can get the goods on Monday. Amazon last November began joint United States postal service, launched Sunday delivery service in New York and Los Angeles. This year it plans to expand to 15 will cover the city, including: the University of Austin, Texas, Cincinnati, Texas city schools, Columbus, Ohio, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Lexington, Kentucky, Kentucky, Louisville, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Waco, Texas and Louisiana.

Amazon's Vice President of North American operations in a statement, Mike Roth pointed out that so far, most common in commodity delivery on Sunday, baby products accounted for the majority, such as newborn clothing, books and toys.

the extension service, highlighting the increasingly fierce competition in the e-commerce market, prompting Amazon to devote more funds for expansion. While data released last month showed that Amazon sales surge, but from Wall Street's gloomy forecast about its prospects, as well as the rising costs of a company, its shares fell.

it is revealed that other than courier team, relying on its own, Amazon will also rely on FedEx, UPS, postal service, as well as other small courier companies completed orders and distribution.

Hugo networks understands that consumers increasingly prefer to shop online, retailers found that its own delivery service and speed has become an important factor affecting online shopping loyalty. Sunday delivery is not the United States essential services for retail Web sites, many sites offer same day delivery. For example, Wal-Mart is currently in Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, mingnianbolisi, Denver, San Francisco, San Jose and other cities test delivered the same day. EBay announced the acquisition of United Kingdom express Shutl, provide express delivery service. Google has also invited an external logistics company, is a small area to test the same day delivery service.