Service process

first, the strict certification and inspection with the vehicle source, familiar with local transportation, ensures that for the first time, the window to the specified place of loading.
     1, traffic information: work process, mastering local transport/traffic information, avoid driving or cars in the traffic police car detaining or congestion occurs on the way, if these situations occur, report immediately to the operations schedule. So as not to bypass or another vehicle.
     2, vehicle certification: the process, the inspection work to be completed on the use of vehicles, guaranteed to provide proof of vehicle documents, phone numbers, real and effective.
     3, certified condition: arrival before loading, to ensure loading vehicles and dry, clean and free of odor, fixed, rain, security facilities, good condition.
     4, load time: according to the customer's appointment in advance or arrive at the designated place of loading, the shunting in the company are not allowed under the phenomenon of late. If early or Park the car warehouse, factory or public cargo working areas designated parking place.

Second, the site operator careful inspection of the cargo loaded, check, familiar with rules of loading of the goods, shipping goods to ensure the error-free and damage-free.
     1, cargo checks, according to the task list check carefully the shipping weight of the goods, quantity, size, description, if inconsistent, firstly to clients reflect the situation, challenge and speed with the operation contact negotiation.
     2, loading requirements: arrange vehicles to use when loading space, placed, fixed goods according to customer requirements.
     3, loading principle: according to the light weight, small, and high to low, the principle of equal distribution of jobs.
     4, cargo code: no rules to protect the stable Center of gravity of goods, rule code must conform to the conditions of transport of goods required.
     5, semi-enclosed vehicle requirements: rain, brake jobs, higher than the top part to splint the corner protection, ponchos, sheet goods to be fully covered, and ropes fixed, site operators to check the fixed effects, undesirable to immediately correct it.
     6, box car requirements: before loading the vehicle to check condition of seals, loading to rear according to weather conditions rain, and to safeguard the stability of the goods in transit.
     7, stability: wagons, semi-enclosed loading cargo landing arranged as far as possible from the front to rear, protecting cargo first is full of cars below.
     8, inventory of goods: points to customers, drivers, our three law enforcement officers at the same time, drivers in the tally, to be agreed when signing the contract with the driver on the road number of all drivers are responsible for the losses.
     9, pre-operation: the operation requires an experienced site operator on-site operations, Operations Center Manager in person when necessary to supervise and communicate with customers, learn more about the customer, lay the Foundation for future action.
    10, name of goods: attention to glassware, fragile and no insurance company, explain to the customer equipment, furniture, packaging and other essential goods.

third, serious writing "outbound document", "delivery receipt" and the vehicles conventions require, and so on. To ensure accurate and clear.
    1, time: transport time requirements agreed upon in the contract with the driver clearly, time must be entered with the drivers than the customer and I agreed a short time 10-24 hours.
.   2, the driver links: ask the driver to ensure communication, monitor for my company, agreed with the driver unable to safeguard traffic penalties, be sure to ask the driver in the event of accident, and immediately report to our operations center.
    3, subject to the company's leadership: improving customer service. Implement the operating rules, the unexpected handler code.